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1) Tuesday 9/29 @ Timberlake Church in Renton

2) Wednesday 9/30 @  Lake Boren in Newcastle 

3) Thursday 10/1 @ Sand Point Way Community

4) Friday 10/2 @ Lakewood Farmer's Market

5) Saturday 10/3 @ Seattle Fish Guys

6) Sunday 10/4 @ Sidhu Farm in Puyallup

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Perky Pink - Got Lumpia?

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Started by 2 Filipino Sisters

that come from immigrated parents from the Philippines over 30 years ago.  With learning our mother's homestyle recipe, lumpia is a skill that we both learned from our mother during our teenage years to earn extra money by selling to friends and family.  However inspiring joy and possibility into people's lives has been a value of mine since I was young. So when there was an opportunity to use lumpia as a vehicle to make an impact on the local community, I took my developing business idea and made it a reality. The opportunity came through the incredible owners for Super Six.  They loved our product asked us for a price and that's when I decided that was the time to make it an official business to share it with the rest of the world, first starting with Seattle!

Hungry For Lumpia?

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Lola's Heart

A portion of every shirt and lumpia purchase provides food and garden education to our local children and families thru the Farmer Frog Organization! You can check out the impact they are making on our local community here:  THANK YOU!