Made to Order & Local Pick Up Only in Tukwila on Weekends

What Is A Lumpia?

"Lumpia" is similar to a chinese spring roll that uses a thin like wrapper with a savory or sweet stuffing, but is filipino style and tastes much better... We are also very food biased at Lola's Lumpia Cuisine! 🤣

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Our Story - We Are Worth It!

We are two Filipino Sisters that came from immigrated parents from the Philippines over 30 years ago, had business idea and made it a reality!  Using our mother's homestyle recipe and training, making lumpia was a skill that we both learned starting from our childhood years to earn some extra pocket money. Now as adults, we believe that the best way to impact people is by inspiring joy and possibility into people's lives through food, specifically our Lumpia, Lola's Lumpia, Lola'a Lumpia Cuisine!

Visiting Seattle and Hungry For Lumpia?

Check out these local Seattle Restaurants to get some of Lola's Lumpias, fried to order, plus more:

Super Six, Marination Amazon, Patrick's Cafe & Bakery, Daniel's Broiler, Motif Hotel, Sam Choy's Poke to the Max, Dottie's Double Wide, Terry's Kitchen, Elliot Bay Brewery West Seattle & Lake City, Classic Eats, The Kauai Family Restaurant


Are Lola's Lumpia sold frozen or fried?

Lola's Lumpia are sold frozen when ordered from this website. To get Lola's Lumpia fried to order for pick up or delivery, you can order from one of the partnering restaurants (scroll up to see list of local restaurants that sell Lola's Lumpia).

Do you offer pick up, delivery and shipping?

Lola's Lumpia offers all 3 options. Local pick up is free from our commercial kitchen on Tuesday & Wednesdays from 4-6pm. Local deliveries are made on Thursdays and Fridays for a $15 flat fee to any address within 40 miles from our commercial kitchen in Tukwila. Shipping is available and can cost up to $50-$60 due to the cost of dry ice, styrofoam packaging and 1-2day shipping depending on where you live.

What if we are not happy with our order?

At Lola's Lumpia Cuisine we believe in second chances! So for any reason if you are not satisfied with your order or your service we are committed to making thing right to the best of our abilities depending on the issue at hand. For any issues with an order or service please reach out to us via email or via IG @lolaslumpiacuisine

Lola's Heart

A portion of every lumpia purchase direct from Lola's Lumpia Cuisine or from one of our restaurant partners provides food and garden education to our local children and families thru the Farmer Frog Organization! You can check out the impact they are making on our local community here:  THANK YOU!